F.I.S.H, Inc. seeks monetary and in-kind donations to support our program. Your contribution will be used to further our mission of sharing the benefits of fishing as a positive outreach program for the youth. This program aims to teach the youth the basics of fishing and how the values learned while fishing can help to positively shape their lives.

Monetary Donations can be made through our secure payment system. Please follow the donation link to make your generous contribution.

In-kind Donations (both used and new) are welcomed and can be made by contacting F.I.S.H, Inc. directly at mwilder@fishinc.org.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Increase exposure and visibility for your company
Gain stand-alone recognition of your company or product
Obtain access to hundreds of key industry players who support F.I.S.H., Inc.

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F.I.S.H, Inc. Sponsorship & Support Video

Receive a Team Hoody with a Donation of $200.00 or
A Long Sleave Zip-to-Neck Shirt for $125.00

Team Hoody
(Hoody) $200

Long Sleeve
(Long-Sleeve) $125


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